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10th science paper analysis 2019:

The CBSE students in Lucknow were elated 10th science paper analysis 2019 question paper and satisfied with their performance.

Starting with the first reactions of the students, most of the students appeared happy with the question paper. The three mark questions in the papers were said to be easy. There were a few questions in Section E which were tricky as they called on the conceptual understanding of the students. Physics questions were mostly okay. Some students pointed out a 5 mark question in Biology while some were unhappy with a few questions from chemistry chapters.

Nandini Goel, a student of GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow said that the paper was very easy and as per her expectations. Ekansh and Sanskriti of the same school said they were easily able to attempt all the questions well within the stipulated limit.

Anushka and Aakifa said they were happy with the paper and all their hard work paid off. Aarav said, “I hope to score very well in the Science paper.”

Students at Lucknow Public School, South City expressed satisfaction with Class 10 Science paper of CBSE. Students of this school came out of the examination hall with a smile.

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