‘BHAGIDARI’ day celebrated at G D Goenka Public School

‘Bhagidari’ meaning partnership is an association of two or more people as partners. By working together parents and teachers can enhance children’s learning and development. The partnership approach is very important and it takes place by working together and by sharing information.
School partnership plays an important role in enhancing skills like decision making and accountability which ultimately improves student’s success and school environment.
To help create a strong bond amongst peers, Bhagidari day was celebrated in G.D Goenka Public School on 5th July. On this day few activities were organized for students of Pre-nursery till Grade 2. All the activities were designed in such a way that encourages learning to work in groups among students and leads to build a partnership among them. Students of Pre-nursery and were made to sit in sets of two and they had to arrange the Legos together. Kindergarten played a memory game with their partners. Student of grade 1 enjoyed enactment in class in which one child enacted a word and the other partner had to guess the word.
Also, the teachers sensitized students towards the value of sharing and caring and spoke about the importance of being a part of community service. Students donated some useful items for community service and felt the joy of sharing.

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