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Blessing Ceremony for the Students of Grade XII:-

Blessing Ceremony for class XII, a batch of 2020-21 was organized at GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow on 2 March 2021. Teachers and students of class XII assembled in the auditorium to celebrate an occasion of an end and of a beginning, the end of a carefully supervised school life, and a beginning of a life in the “real world”.

The ceremony commenced with the soulful rendition of the School Song sung by the school choir. This was followed by the presentation of a slideshow of a medley of magical memories that marked their years spent in school, giving the students and their teachers a fascinating flashback of their journey.

Blessing Ceremony:-

Chairman Mr. Sarvesh Goel, addressed the students mentioning that this is the time to get exposure to the ‘real world’ and they have been trained so well by the school that they are now ready to face the challenges of the world. As they are Goenkans they will be seen as leaders and there will be very high expectations from them so their conduct should be exemplary. He motivated the students to be prepared for the challenges that life throws at them and apply the learning that they received in their school life. He advised the students to always follow the right
path consciously, as they will have several people who will encourage them to take the wrong path. Students need to make the right decisions for their future after giving careful thought as it will affect the direction of their life. He also told them to follow the untrodden path and not be scared of making mistakes in their lives. He was sure each one of the students is working to the best of his capability and making full use of the time that is remaining before the board exams.

In the end, he blessed the students and wished that each one of them comes out with flying colors and they make themselves, their parents, teachers, and the school proud.

Along with the blessings, students were presented mementos by the Chairman, Mr. Sarvesh Goel, and the Principal, Ms. Raveen Pande. They were given mugs with their picture on them and best wishes written on them by the Principal.

This was followed by a photo session of all class XII students with the Chairman and the Principal. The Blessing Ceremony was probably a moment of mixed feelings for the students, sad at the prospect of leaving behind what was ‘second home’, with all their friends who have become like siblings after spending so many years together-yet so excited to explore the world that awaits them.

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