Charity gives us Internal happiness

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Charity gives us Internal happiness:

Charity gives us Internal happiness; owing to this concept Mr. Sarvesh Goel, Chairman G.D. Goenka School has adopted the Primary School at Ghusval Kala, Sarojini Nagar, Lucknow. According to the requirement of the children there, activities are conducted like the one on 21-04-2018 when stationary; lunch boxes and water bottles were distributed to the students of Ghusval Kala.
On this occasion, Goenkan students visited the Ghusval Kala School and gave away notebooks, pencils, and erasers to the students of Class 5 while the students of Classes 3 and 4 were given lunch boxes and water bottles. The bright spark in the eyes of the children on receiving the goodies matched with their smiles which showcased their happiness. The enthusiastic bunch of children recited poems in English and Hindi. Some of them presented beautiful dance as our students befriended them. Goenkan students also encouraged them to attend school regularly and they experienced immense satisfaction on being a part of this charitable act.

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