Children’s Day Celebrated 2020

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Children’s Day Celebrated by Spreading Light & Happiness:

Every year, India marks November 14 as Children’s Day as a tribute to India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was born on the day. Nehru’s birth anniversary is celebrated as Children’s Day in our country as a tribute to his contribution towards building the nation. Fondly known as Chacha Nehru among children, he advocated for children to have fulfilled education. Nehru considered children as a real strength of a nation and the foundation of society. On this day, many educational and motivational programs are held across India, by and for children.
Children’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in GD Goenka Public School during the virtual class. The day started by telling the children, the importance of this day. Going forward, the teachers made them feel special by saying one positive thing about each child which brought a smile to their faces.
Few activities and games were planned by the teachers for every class like hit the balloon for Pre-nursery and nursery, dance and freeze for kindergarten in which the children danced to the music and when the music stopped, they had to freeze. Indoor scavenger hunt, identify the cartoon character with the help of a PPT was played by Grade 1 and 2.
The children were so eager and happy to show their things to the teachers while playing scavenger hunt. It was a completely fun day for the children. Also, they ate their favourite snack during their break time. They were shown a small animated video to show and tell the importance of this day. The day ended with a dance session where the teachers and the students danced together on the song – Itni si hasi, Itni si Khushi…….
Student members of Flames Of Justice, Girl Up Club of our school, painted mud diyas which were then sold, and the proceeds from it were used to help the needy in any way possible to brighten the festive fervour. All the students were enthusiastic and helped the cause in large numbers.

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