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Competition to do yourself for success:

Today is the stage of the competition for Competition to do yourself for success. Everyone wants to move forward. But in reality, if you want success, first compete with yourself, it is to say that Major General Vikram Dev Dogra.

GD Goenka Public School organized Thursday,s Investiture Ceremony for its news Student Council. Chief guest Major General Vikram Dev Dogra, the first Indian Army officer to complete Ironman Triathlon, presided over the ceremony.

The program began with the school song sung spiritually by the school choir. The Student Council then marched in synchronization to the stage. The chief guest, chairman Mr. Sarvesh Kumar Goel, trustee Lalit Goel, and chief Raveen Pande conferred badges on the council members.

The newly elected leaders were then given the official oath. Head girl Siddhi P Suryanshi and head boy Arjit Jain expressed gratitude for the school.

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