Dandiya Night 2018

Celebration Dandiya Night 2018:

A Cultural evening of Dandiya Raas and Garba filled with fun and frolic.
Dance, music, food with fun and frolic.
Spend the evening with your dear ones enjoying the festive fervor with scrumptious food and shop for ethnic jewelry, footwear, and clothes.

Bollywood Dandiya :

Dandiya is everywhere and it is very likely that you might see yourself matching steps playing Dandiya to Bollywood songs. Songs like Shubh Aarambh and Ram Leela are already the stars.

Hip Hop Dandiya:

Don’t be surprised if you see a group at the event syncing beats from Dandiya songs with groovy hip-hop steps. This is a new form of Dandiya that might soon become viral. As more and more people are seen practicing this form, it definitely catches the eye.

Disco Dandiya:

Discos could be the new venues for a few major Dandiya events. The introduction of disco lights, DJ and a closed environs could be a new addition to the Dandiya trend this Navaratri. The Dj would be belting out all Bollywood tracks that best fit the occasion and keep the crowd on the edge.

Blindfold Dandiya:

Have you ever tried doing stuff with a blindfold? If no, then this is an event that you should look for. The Blindfold Dandiya events let you try playing Dandiya with your eyes blindfolded. This could be a fun event to go to. So look for the venues that are hosting these events and get ready to go blind, temporarily.

Beach Dandiya :

Hosting Dandiya events at unique locations is the in-thing now and the organisers are walking the extra mile to make sure that their Dandiya event this Navaratri is the most unique one. Dandiya in the beach is the one thing that you should try to get your hands on: For, it is one thing to play Dandiya and an entirely different thing to play it in the cold beach sands with waves gushing in.



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