GD Goenka Create Guinness World Record

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GD Goenka Create Guinness World Record:

GD Goenka Create Guinness World Record for the maximum number of people conducting a DNA isolation experiment. They achieved this feat at the India International Science Festival 2018 in Lucknow. The students conducted an experiment on banana. The earlier record was set up in 2017 in America when 302 students performed a similar experiment.

Dr. Saroj Barik, director National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow, said, “Children have created a world record and done India and Lucknow proud. DNA the children extracted can be seen as a white globule at the end of the stick.”

In 2015, the same festival when held in IIT-Delhi won a Guinness Record for the single largest chemistry experiment. Last year, at the third edition of the IISF in Chennai, the city students created a huge Guinness record of the single largest biology class. Science Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, said, “These events are very helpful in attracting children to take up a career in science.”

The exercise was a part of the fourth edition of the India International Science Festival (IISF) that began in Lucknow on Friday. Students succeeded in extracting DNA from bananas, some after several attempts, to break the previous Guinness World Record held by the Seattle Children’s Research Institute, where 302 students had attempted to extract DNA from a fruit in February 2017.

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