Goenkan Extravaganza Annual School Fete

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Goenkan Extravaganza:

G. D. Goenka Public School, Lucknow announce its 8th Annual School Event- ‘Symphony 2018 celebrating childhood’: A three-day cultural extravaganza which celebrates childhood year after year.

This year it is going to be exuberant, greater and merrier! Many prominent food stalls like Cafe Infinity, Baked for Indulgence, Rollarappa, Goli Vada Pav, Eddessia, Pizza Hut, Momos and Cold Stone Ice Cream and newer game stalls-Live Xbox, Surfing Board, Flying Fox and most awaited Giant Wheel are also part of this fun-filled day.
More than 2000 people are expected with all their near and dear ones. So be a part of this eventful Saturday.

The competition provides motivation to achieve a goal; to demonstrate determination, creativity, and perseverance to overcome challenges; and to understand that hard work and commitment which leads to a greater chance of success. “Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

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