Happy Streets-Best CBSE School Lucknow

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Happy Streets:

In an increased traffic in Lucknow, The Times of India presents Happy Streets-Best CBSE School Lucknow, an initiative aimed at helping city residents reclaim their streets, connect with their community and celebrate their city. Join us every Sunday for a vibrant experience comprising Cycling, Sports, Music, Zumba & Dancing, Street Theater, contests and much more. You and your friends can join in with your own games as well. Everyone is invited! Enjoy Happy Streets at Marine Drive.

All the four Sundays of this month were filled with fun and Lucknowites. Getting up early even on Sundays had become a routine for city folk eager to be a part of Happy Streets, organized by The Times of India. From kids to senior citizen people of all age groups were spotted having fun on the street this Sunday too. From dance to Zumba and aerobics, sports to board games, the event had it all.

Upcoming Date:-  10 June 2018 Sunday 6:00-9:00.

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