Prof. Ashutosh Sharma

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Prof. Ashutosh Sharma:

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma is the Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India since January 09, 2015. He was a professor (1997-), an Institute Chair Professor (2007-) and the Head (2003-05) of Chemical Engineering, and the founding Coordinator of Nanosciences Center and Advanced Imaging Center at the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur. Ashutosh received his Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo working with Prof. Eli Ruckenstein—a recipient of the US Medal of Science, his MS from the Pennsylvania State University (1984) and B.Tech. from IIT Kanpur (1982).

Ashutosh has served on the Governing Boards/Councils of over 15 prominent scientific institutions in India and has had a broad international experience as a research faculty at SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine (1988-90), visiting faculty at University of Texas at Austin, University of Western Ontario, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and the World Class University Program of South Korea and as a Member of the European Research Commission.