Interactive session with a mentor to early startup

Interactive session with a mentor to early startup)img

Interactive session with a mentor to early startups

Kamlesh Dwivedi and active Angel investor, a mentor and business advisor to early startup companies in the USA and in India visited GD Goenka Public School along with his mentor Adnan Ahmad Abbasi who is an alumnus of GD Goenka School, for an informative interactive session with the students of class 10 to 12. Kamlesh enlightened the students about ‘Mentor Baba’, an online platform that connects the mentors with their mentee. Interactive session with a mentor to early startups.

A startup is a young company founded by one or more entrepreneurs in order to develop a unique product or service and bring it to market. By its nature, the typical startup tends to be a shoestring operation, with initial funding from the founders or their families.

Most of the startups focus on quick and sustainable scalability, which essentially includes standardization of processes, which were previous unstructured and can be replicated by the company in quick time.

Adam lived away from his home during his college years and faced a challenge of unaffordable decent housing. Adam has an idea that would help his peers find affordable housing and benefit the landlords with better rental income and property maintenance. He could create an app that would match renters and landlords together based a set amount of criteria.

Adam decides to turn this idea into a business and forms a company. He then creates a business plan to convert his idea into a real operating business. Now that he has a plan in place, he needs to fund the operations some how. Since the company doesn’t have a product to sell, it can’t fund this app development by itself.

Thus, Adam meets with investors to pitch his idea. After several meeting, Adam finds an investor who is willing to take a chance on the new company and he receives a $500,000 investment to start developing the app.


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