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Mango Day Celebrate -Best CBSE School Lucknow Juicy mangoes, yellow and sweet,
Tasty mangoes are a special treat.

Young Goenkans of pre-primary bid farewell to the month of July by celebrating ‘Mango Day’ on July 27, 2018. It was a sweet and juicy morning for the little Goenkans as they welcomed the season of mangoes with sheer delight. During the morning assembly, kids recited poems and songs and swayed with joy on the beats of melodies related to mango.
Children were told about mango being the King of fruits not just for its taste and super flashy yellow color but also for the array of health benefits it offers. They were informed about the nutritional content and high level of Vitamin – C, and fibers. Teachers also explained that how mango juice instantly cools us down and prevent heat stroke. This is why it is everyone’s favorite summer drink.
Children were introduced to different varieties of mangoes such as Dussehri, Safeda, Chausa, and Langda that were displayed before them. The children touched and smelled the mangoes in an attempt to distinguish one from the other.

During the fruit break, children shared and relished various varieties of mangoes they had brought from home. Students quenched their thirst by having scrumptious mango juice in the school’s cafeteria.
Various activities were planned for the day such as making of badges by tearing-pasting on mango cut-outs, ‘Mango race’ for the little tiny tots. ‘Show and Tell’ activity was conducted from K.G to Grade II. The aim of organizing the event was to impart all information related to mangoes through a fun-filled learning opportunity in the form of a ‘Mango Party’ and enhance gustatory, visual, social, and oratory skills.
Having thoroughly enjoyed the day, the handmade badges were pinned to the students’ uniform as a reminder of the Fun-n- Learn mango party.

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