Overnight Adventure and Top 50 School

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Overnight Adventure:

Overnight Adventure recently held in School. GD Goenka Public School has set the benchmark in organizing fun-filled activities such as overnight camps which gives children the experience ao being on their own in a structured, supportive and supervised environment. the camp was duly supervised by a team of the school teacher and certified instructors from climb Up Delhi. The camp registration began at 12:30 pm and after lunch at 1:30 pm student engaged in various activities likes wall climbing, commando crawl, dancing bamboo, Mowgli walks, etc.

Top 50 School:

GD Goenka Public School has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Schools in India in the National Curriculum 2018 Category. A grand ceremony was organized in Mumbai on 14 November 2018 to honor the Top 50 Schools that prepared the students of the 21st century and have a vision to craft’student success’. Mr. Sarvesh Kumar Goel, chairman GD Goenka Public School Lucknow received the award and the certification in this ceremony. Gd Goenka Public School is a leading school of Uttar Pradesh, which has consistently figured among the top schools in several education surveys in the last few years.

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