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Students Made Masks for the Needy:

With studies, students are becoming well aware of social concerns. Students made masks for the needy. The students of GD Goenka Public School have made around 3500 masks to spread awareness about COVID-90 and to unite for its prevention. The school’s chairman Sarvesh Goel presented these masks made of cotton clothes on behalf of the students to Dr. Mukesh Kumar Singh, District School Inspector. Chairman Sarvesh Goel said that the students have prepared these multi-layered masks at their home, which is clean and safe, adding that this mask will be made available to the poor people, especially to the economically weaker students. They cannot buy it because the mask is expensive. DIOS praised this work done by the students of the school. He said that everyone’s cooperation is necessary at such a time. This effort by the students will help a lot.

Students made masks for the needy GD Goenka img

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