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Thought of the Day-GD Goenka Public School:

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. As a race, we have taken this law a little too seriously. We overreact too small instances and blow them out of proportion. As a result, our attitude toward violence has blossomed and we are increasingly resolving to aggressive methods for dealing with trivial conflicts. Overtaking someone’s car can result in a swift death by an arm. A friendly joke can turn into an all-out gang war. A mistake by a child can result in some sort of violence, and other forms of corporal punishment infliction.

We have begun to react without giving any thought to the consequences of our actions. We act first, think later. Red spots dance in front of our eyes and our ego has taken a permanent residence on our nose. The art of Talking things out and discussing is becoming obsolete. We have become so intolerant towards anything that does not fit into preset standards that we blindly set out to set things right, in the most ineffective way possible.

In this Era, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s principle of non-violence has a connection with the behavior of human beings. It is dire that we adopt non-violence of thought, which would automatically result in non-violence of action. We must realize that we have lost contact with the human inside us and have lost the fight to the devil that lurks within.

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