World Record on DNA isolation at IISF

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World Record:

World Record created by GD Goenka Public School Lucknow in DNA Isolation. The second day of India International Science Festival (IISF) gave Lucknow a Guinness World Record for the ‘maximum number of people conducting a DNA isolation experiment’, on Saturday. As many as 550 students of GD Goenka Public School entered the list of world record holders by conducting DNA isolation of banana each for 1 hour 1 minute making it the maximum number of students conducting the experiment at the same time.

The participating students, aged 12-17 years, jumped in exhilaration after they were declared winners.

“We had a mock drill a day before. Teachers also made sure we understood what DNA isolation is, why it is important and what the steps are. We were nervous but confident,” said class VIII student Aditey Mehra.

“We were asked 10 days ago if we wanted to do this. It was a golden opportunity for the school,” said school chairman Sarvesh Kumar Goel.

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