Fee Structure for Shaheed Path Branch

G.D. Goenka Public School is one of the Lucknow’s most prominent educational institutions that focuses on holistic development of its students, not just through academics, but also through various co-curricular activities.

At G.D Goenka Public School Lucknow, we believe that while the academic focus is important to equip students with knowledge for their future, other co-curricular activities are also important to help them evolve mentally and bring out the attitude to excel in life. Our utmost priority is to bring out the potential in the student in their field of interest, and that can be achieved with the presence of a dynamic curriculum that focuses on the overall development of the children through sports, music, art and other co-curricular activities.

Fees Structure for Academic Session 2021-22

Session 2021-22 Pre Nur-KG I-II III-VIII IX-X XI-XII Science XI-XII Comm. XI-XII Art
One Time Admission Form 2,000/- 2,000/- 2,000/- 2,000/- 2,000/- 2,000/- 2,000/-
One Time Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) 40,000/- 40,000/- 40,000/- 40,000/- 20,000/- 20,000/- 20,000/-
One Time Security Fee (Refundable) 15,000/- 15,000/- 15,000/- 15,000/- 15,000/- 15,000/- 15,000/-
Composite Quarter Fee 28,000/- 27,300/- 28,400/- 29,400/- 32,500/- 31,400/- 31,400/-
Transport-(Within Ansals) 8,700/- 8,700/- 8,700/- 8,700/- 8,700/- 8,700/- 8,700/-
Transport-(Outsides Ansals) 10,800/- 10,800/- 10,800/- 10,800/- 10,800/- 10,800/- 10,800/-

Transport Quarterly– (to be paid by 15th April, 15th July, 15th Oct & 15th Jan)

Quarterly – (To be paid by 15th April, 15th July, 15th Oct & 15th Jan)

  • If a student option for Computer Science in class XI & XII (Sci); Rs 2,100/- per Quarter as lab Charges will be an application for the same.

(As Per UP Fees Regulation Act.)