We have created a diverse suite of clubs for our students, based on their age range and interests. Such clubs are aimed at improving public speaking, elocution, diction, expression, health, knowledge, soft skills, teamwork etc. through a series of well-thought and well-planned activities, and molding students into their best avatars. Presently, our students can participate in the following clubs – Robotics, Literary, Heritage, Ecology, Health & Wellness, Quiz, Science, Dramatics and Creative & Performing arts.


All Goenkans are given lessons from the textbook of life. The motivation for courage takes unique and extraordinary forms here. There is the courage of speaking the truth, of taking the road less traveled of defying odds. We strive to better equip our students to respond to the multidimensional challenges of life. A variety of clubs for our young Goenkans helps them to dabble in different streams, explore new avenues and identify their own future paths.

The clubs are functioning in the care of teachers who are subject experts, experienced and talented. Each group that is formed gets involved in interesting activities, amazing presentations, and extensive innovations. Economics society, Editorial Board, Graphics and Web Designs, Management club, MUN club Personality Grooming, Photography club, Poets society, Speakers society, and SUPW club are some of the clubs where students get to explore and enhance their talents and interests.