Debating is an Extremely Significant Skill

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Debating is an Extremely Significant Skill:-

Turncoat Time !!!

Inter-House Competition Organised at GD Goenka Public School Lucknow

Debating is an extremely significant skill when it comes to problem-solving and innovative thinking, traits that every student should possess and so the school hosted an Inter-House Turncoat Competition on 02 May 2022 academic year 2022-23 for class XII.

It is a style of debate in which an individual is required to speak for and against the motion under a given time limit. What makes it different from a traditional debate is the need for the speaker to speak on both sides of the topic, hence the name ‘turncoat’.

The completion was held House wise wherein participants from each House debated for and against the motion on the following topics: Cyber laws have kept up effectively with internet technology, It’s right for companies to collect information about us, Conventional careers are better than contemporary careers.

The aim of the competition was to hone the public speaking skills of the students and to teach them to be the art of public speaking. The session was a kaleidoscope of opinions, thoughts, ideas, and perspectives that definitely enhanced the knowledge and understanding of the topics among the students. The Principal, Dr. Prerna Mitra addressed the participants at the end of the competition and lauded their efforts for undertaking in-depth research for the debate and spoke about the importance of being able to articulate one’s thoughts and opinions and be well versed with the current events taking place. It was an enthralling experience for the speakers as well as the audience.

The results of the competition are as follows:

I Position                  RADHAKRISHNAN HOUSE

II Position                 TERESA HOUSE

III Position               TAGORE HOUSE

Best Speaker                        VISHAL PANDEY XII A (RADHAKRISHNAN HOUSE)


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