Counselling for Wellbeing

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Counselling helps the student to cope, adapt and adjust with the endless demands and challenges related to their everyday life. School Counsellor provides support to each student for coping up with the challenges related to the psychological, academic and social development. Counseling is a very important element as it can help provide important information and perspective to students who might not be able to get it otherwise.

The goal of every session with the school counselor is to help student’s thrive and recognize their strengths, as well as improve their interpersonal relationships.

Benefits of Counselling

Opportunity for Self-Exploration and Self-Discovery
Enhancement of Self-Esteem and Greater Self-Acceptance
Assists in Change of Self-Defeating Behaviors/Habits
Guidance in Finding Purpose
Provides Support and Validation
Learning Effective Skills for Life
Better Expression and Management of Emotions
Provides a Safe Outlet to Vent about Issues
Fostering Hope, Motivation, and Encouragement

Please feel free to connect with the counselor to discuss and share your concerns.

Connect With Counsellor