Vision & Mission

We have a four-pronged mission:

  • To provide top-notch holistic education, with a broad, participative and balanced curriculum
  • To facilitate a nurturing and safe environment that encourages lifelong learning and personal growth
  • To enable students to discover their talents & capabilities and achieve their true potential, so that they may reach the highest possible standard in everything they undertake
  • To encourage citizenship and responsibility and teach generosity of spirit, so that students become self-disciplined and learn to respect themselves, each other, and the world in general

We envision a learning environment that fosters paramount values and multivalent competencies in growing individuals with the help of a dynamic curriculum. Our Young Pre classroom is for ages 2.5 to 3 years old. This age group is working on developing their fine and gross motor skills, that are gaining independence, and are learning how to be part of a group.