There is a firm program in place for value education based on the fundamental duties of the Indian citizen as outlined in article 51 (A) of our Constitution.
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GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow has been an active partner and sponsor in the Heritage Walk organized in Lucknow to create awareness in the public about the rich heritage of the city. A free homeopathy clinic-cum-dispensary is fully functional in the campus to cater to the medical needs of the needy. In addition to this, free medical camps are also organized which include distribution of medicines free of cost. As a conscious effort towards social development, G.D. Goenka Public School, Lucknow has taken the initiative and the responsibility to improve the academic and infrastructural standard of a government primary school at Ghusval Kala. The school is assisting it by providing furniture, classes taken by our teachers, books and teaching aids on a regular basis.

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Every goenkaGoenkan is taught to take pride in our heritage and are made to realize that they are the ones who have to do their bit to conserve resources.  Awareness programs are planned as a regular part of the curriculum to help them grow up to be responsible citizens. Through participation in Earth Day, Street plays, Cleanliness Drive, Plantation Drive, Nature Walk and many such activities students are able to imbibe the importance of having a strong commitment towards maintaining the environment. The students regularly participate in inheritance walks, marathons, cleanliness drives, to support the cause and create awareness. Visits to orphanages and old age homes are included in the school program. This has enabled the school to venture into the wider arena of community service programs and involve the students in the same.