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GD Goenka Public School hosted an engaging Alumni Meet 2024 on 8 July 2024, which was both nostalgic and engaging for the alumni who were present in a good number. The class XI and XII students of the current academic session played hosts and welcomed the guests with warm hearts; the programme for the evening commenced with the School Song, setting a tone of tradition. Attendees enjoyed a lively band performance and a captivating dance displayed by students, which added vibrancy to the evening.


Alumni enthusiastically shared their university experiences, reflecting on how their time at GD Goenka influenced their personal and professional lives and threw in practical and productive advice, stories, and experiences, for the present students. The question and answer session was abuzz with conversations about potential opportunities and shared initiatives aimed at giving back to the alma matter. The alumni pushed support towards scholarship programs, extracurricular skills, and development as well as their commitment to ensure that future students benefit from the same academic excellence they received


The Chairman of the school, Mr Sarvesh Goel, and the Principal Dr Prerna Mitra, addressed the gathering, expressing gratitude to the Alumni for their ongoing support. Tokens of appreciation were presented to the alumni as a gesture of gratitude, symbolizing the enduring bond between the school and its graduates.

At the end of the day, the Alumni meet was more than just a gathering, it was a testament to the enduring moments of the past and present of GD Goenka Public School where lifelong bonds and the pursuit of excellence is a shared legacy. The meet successfully fostered a sense of community and pride among past and present members of the GD Goenka family, reinforcing the school’s legacy of excellence and commitment to nurturing future generations of leaders.

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