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Emotional Management Activity:-


Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.”

Students learned the art of Emotional Management Activity conducted at GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow. To make the children understand the importance of family and various attached emotions, a fun-filled activity was organized in GD Goenka Public School on 8th May 2023 for the students. Our little toddlers and the students of Pre-Nursery were asked to make and decorate a family tree and to make them value relationships, the teachers taught them the importance of family. Teachers role-play each member of the family and depicted their various emotions. Students were asked to share their views on whether the depicted emotions made them happy or sad by selecting the given smileys.

Students of Nursery were endowed with an opportunity where their teachers discussed and explained to them various emotions and then gave them an imaginary situation. They were asked to display emotions with the help of play dough on the line drawing of faces employing their creativity and imagination to its zenith.

The teachers of Kindergarten made the children share the activities they liked and disliked. This activity allowed the teachers to explore and know their students efficiently. The consequences a child must undergo due to his likes and dislikes were also brought to light. Then the students were asked to paint their canvas with the colours of their likes and dislikes. The activity was concluded by a short discussion on different ways of Anger self-regulation through a problem-solving chart.

The shining stars of Grade 1 made a model of emotions with the help of play dough. Situation-based questions were asked and discussed with the students and they portrayed their emotions in different situations. The art of handling emotions in anger was taught to the students.

The students of Grade 2 were asked to make the cutouts of any two emotions and stick them on an ice cream stick. Moreover, they were asked to speak one line on the depicted emotions. Also, the situation-based questions were discussed and the art of handling emotions amidst anger was taught.

These activities helped the students in understanding and dealing with emotions in different phases of life.

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