Fairy Tale Tea Party

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Fairy Tale Tea Party:-

‘Children’ are the most astounding creation of God who lives in a dream world, unaware of the strife and struggles of life. For children, the things around them and the life they live are like a Tale. They create their mystic world and cherish each moment by imagining themselves as the “Main Character” of their Tale. Moreover, this is the age when they become familiar with the mystic world, imaginative characters and their lifestyles.

So to know the imaginative approach, creative skills and thinking ability of our little Goenkans a virtual “Fairy Tale Tea Party” was organized on 11th June keeping in mind the current situation that has given a quick blow to the

The party began with great zeal and pomp and musical celebrations in which the students were asked to play a “Freeze Game” on the Rhymes “I am little Tea Pot” and “Polly put the kettle on”. Children were dressed up in a Fairy Tale character of their choice and they explained the qualities and specialties of the character also the reason behind choosing the particular character. The excitement and the curiosity of the little Goenkans were evident from the
fact that they were ready with their Toy Tea-Set and all the necessities as mentioned for the party.

The activity was concluded by imparting the basic table manners to the students so that they can be groomed. An interesting Fairy Tale was narrated by the teacher to lighten up the mood and help the children sail into the world
of imagination at the same time assist and guide the little ones to inculcate the values which will make them an impeccable individual. It was a complete package of “Learning with Fun” activity as the little Goenkans
got a chance to enjoy a Virtual Party with their friends which helped them to nourish the bond of friendship with their classmates. On the other hand, the little ones were endowed with an opportunity to speak, to learn and to develop themselves as well-mannered human beings.


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