Gandhi Jayanti Celebrated

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Gandhi Jayanti Celebrated:-

“Mahatma Gandhi was a man who never believed in the fight, and always choose what was right.”

Gandhi Jayanti is a national festival in India to mark the birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. To commemorate the 152nd Birth Anniversary of the Father of our Nation, Best CBSE GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow celebrated Gandhi Jayanti remembering his great contributions to our country. The day was well planned with various activities. However, this year, the celebration was online as well as offline.

The students of Pre-Nursery and Nursery were dressed up as Mahatma Gandhi and spoke few lines on his principles. The children were enthusiastic to get dressed as Bapu. The students of K.G. spoke on the importance of cleanliness. They also spoke few lines on how they keep their toys and their study table clean. The activity helped the little Goenkans to understand that the habit of cleanliness starts from home.

The students of Grade I was explained about Swadeshi Movement by Gandhi Ji. The students drew ‘Charkha’ – the symbol of Gandhi Ji’s vision of self-reliance. They were also asked a quiz on the life of Mahatama Gandhi.

The Grade II students drew ‘Three Wise Monkeys’ of Gandhi Ji. Teachers explained the message that each monkey symbolises – ‘ See no evil, hear no evil and Speak no evil’. The children were also asked a quiz on the life of Mahatama Gandhi.

Students of Grade III created their masterpieces by drawing, sketching, and coloring an artistic poster depicting the Charka using match sticks. They also made Gandhiji’s spectacles, his picture and also wrote a famous quote. In order to relate the topic ‘The Joy of Giving’ to the life lessons promoted by Gandhi ji, teachers guided the students of Grade IV to write a poem, an essay, or a story on the same. Three students from Grade V spoke on the topic: Stages of Gandhi’s life using PowerPoint Presentation. Students used PPT and illustrated  Gandhiji’s childhood, his life in South Africa, as well as his civil rights movement, his life in India, and his struggle for independence.

Grade VI-VIII organized a special assembly to commemorate the national festival. The assembly began with the pleasant rendition of Gandhiji‟s favourite song, ‘Raghupati Raghav Rajaram’ followed by a Dance Drama. The next in line was a rendition of a soul-stirring Bapu’s favourite devotional song ‘Vaishnava Jana Toh…’ which left the audience mesmerized and spellbound. That was indeed a befitting tribute to the extraordinary soul ….the Yugpurush who was an epitome of peace and compassion.

The students of Grade IX and X actively involved themselves in Group discussions on the relevance of Gandhiji’s Ideologies in the present-day scenario. Grade XI and XII students discussed Satyagraha and how to deal with adverse situations. Teachers motivated the students to inculcate Gandhi Ji’s principles and teachings in their behaviour.

Students participated enthusiastically in all the activities and promised to keep their surroundings clean and also put forth their ideas, imaginations, and thoughts which brought forward their originality and creativity.


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