About Communicable Disease Campaign: Hindustan

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About communicable disease campaign:

On Saturday, under a “mosquito-to-collision” or “Macchar se takkar” campaign organized by your own newspaper HindustanSchool children were made aware of mosquito-borne diseases, Also resolved to inform the people around them for prevention before diseases. 

Children were informed about communicable disease in a dialogue organized at GD Goenka School, located near Ansal API campus, Shaheed Path. It was told that after the rains. There is a time of mosquito breeding, mosquito larvae occur in both clear and dirty water.

In such a situation, we have to destroy them before they are born. So that water should not be collected anywhere in or around your house. Told that dengue disease is spreading most at this time.


Symptoms of dengue are high fever, body pain on the forehead, rash in 2 to 3 days after fever. Immediately tell the parents as soon as symptoms appear and suggest to go to the doctor.

The children said that the Municipal Corporation, Health Department and District Administration should sprinkle medicines on behalf of everyone for fogging and killing larvae. Children also suggested conducting blood tests by setting up camps inwards.

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