Alumni raised the value in JEE

Alumni raised the value in JEE:

Many alumni of GD GOENKA Public School in JEE Main have successfully raised the value of capital and school. Among the major students who have achieved success, Ansh Gangwar has secured 99.1% and All India Rank 9511, Manaswi Tripathi 98.8%, and All India Rank 23431, Aman Bhaskar has achieved 98.06%, Harish Chak 98.2%, Ananya Gupta 92.06%. GD Goenka. Public School Chairmen, Mr. Sarvesh Goel, and Principal Raveen Pande congratulated the successful students and said that these successes are the result of their constant efforts, hard work, and efficient guidance and support of teachers. The teachers encouraged the students at every step and motivated them to do better.

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