Basant Panchami

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Basant Panchami:

“Basant Panchmi”, an occasion which marks the advent of the Spring season and is also marked as the day to worship the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom, Saraswati. This day was celebrated in G. D. Goenka Public School, Lucknow on Monday, 22 January’2018 with great fervor and enthusiasm. Yellow color represents spiritual knowledge and is given importance on Basant Panchmi, therefore all the staff members were dressed in different hues of color yellow to give credence to this day.

Celebration By Goenkan:

All the students assembled together for the morning assembly to pray and attain blessings from Goddess Saraswati to reach the epitome of knowledge. The occasion was marked with special prayer by Hamna Iqbal of class-7 which was followed by a pledge delivered by Ria of Class-10. Tanisha of Class-6 recited a very beautiful poem on Basant Panchami. In her speech, Shristi of Class – 11 conveyed to the children about the importance of Basant Panchmi and Saraswati Pooja. Saraswati Pooja started with a melodious Saraswati Vandana sung by Advita of class- 9. The Principal, teachers and the students worshipped Goddess Saraswati. In the end, sweets were distributed among all the staff members in order to promote ethnicity of Basant Panchmi.

Later that day, the little Goenkans of the pre-primary section engrossed themselves in making beautiful cards to welcome the season of spring. Grade I decorated the picture of Goddess Saraswati to make resplendent wall hangings and Grade II astounded us by discussing the spring season and its significance. The teachers also discussed with students about the impact of education on our life and the prominence of respecting our books.

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