‘Best Infrastructure for pre Schools’ award got GD Goenka

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Best Infrastructure for pre Schools:

GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow know has proved that when it comes to quality of education, attention towards students and availability of best academic infrastructure; there is no comparison of GD Goenka with other schools. GD Goenka Public School Mahanagar, the pre-primary branch of GD Goenka Lucknow has also carved a niche for itself amidst the other preschools of Lucknow and is considered the top institution in this category.

Though the school is just four years old but is now the first choice of parents for their kids due to the excellent and committed faculty, healthy student-teacher ratio and above all the best of infrastructure to accomplish maximum mental and physical development of the child. Similar to the main branch of GD Goenka, the Mahanagar branch also boasts of modern infrastructure, with facilities of sport likes swimming and skating too. Digital Classroom and latest technology-enabled education ensuring maximum teacher-parent participation too to attain the objective of maximum development of the child.

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