Children’s Day Celebrated at GD Goenka School

Children's Day Celebrated at GD Goenka School img

Children’s Day Celebrated at GD Goenka School:

Children’s day was celebrated in its own style on November 14th, at GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow, where children gained new knowledge and added to their knowledge while participating in interesting fun games made the day entertaining and encouraging. Every year, students wait for what will be special on Children’s day, how their day will be memorable. The day started with the special prayer meeting in which the teachers presented a  dance drama on the theme ‘Dare to Dream’, wherein they inspired the students to dream and do everything possible to fulfill them. After this, a quiz was conducted among the students to test the intellectual ability of the children. Thereafter, the teachers also shared interesting facts about various schools in the world with the students.

While addressing the students on this day, Principal Raveen Pande said that today’s day has special significance in student life. We provide all kinds of educational facilities to the students in our school, but there are many children who, despite being in our society, are deprived of all these facilities. Our school and students have been working in the direction of education for a long time and all the students, according to their ability, can do a lot for the children who lack good education and facilities by taking initiative and efforts. In the pre-primary section, the teachers distributed handmade cards and chocolates to all the young children and explained why Children’s Day is celebrated. The children enjoyed the day with their teachers.

Children's Day Celebrated at GD Goenka School img

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