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DNA Isolation:

DNA Isolation successfully did by Top CBSE School GD Goenka Public School In Lucknow. GD Goenka Public school students of classes VIII-XII conducted the experiment and were judged on three parameters by Guinness World Records’s adjudicator Rishi Nath before being declared record-holders. 550 students conducted DNA isolation of banana each for 1 hour 1 minute.

About DNA:

The information in DNA tells our bodies how to develop, grow, and work. It also controls many of the features that make an organism unique. These instructions are in segments of DNA called genes. Genes, along with other parts of our DNA that turn genes on and off, hold information for how our body develops and functions. They produce molecules called proteins that do most of the work in the body. Variants of genes, called alleles, are responsible for differences in hair color, eye color, and earlobe shape.

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