Instead of seeking a job, start the startup youth: Hindustan News

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Instead of seeking a job, start the startup youth:

Start the startup youth is the best option at that time. India, People have very good ideas in India but there is no budget, but to become a good entrepreneur, it is not necessary to be good at studies. If you work in a planned manner, then many companies come forward to help, it is to say GD Goenka Public School Alumni and online portal ‘Mentor Baba’ Adnan Ahmed Abbasi, on Wednesday, organized a school on the starter at Sushant Golf City in the school.

The new startup mentor and consultant Angel Investor Kamlesh Dwivedi also addressed the students in this session, informed the students of class 11 12 to make an investor, alumnus Adnan also shared many experiences with the students. Instead of wandering for a job in the future, they advised the students to start their own startup job and share the job. The school’s chairman, Sarvesh Goyal, and school principal Raveen Pandey present with a large number of students.

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