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Kalagram 2018:

Kalagram 2018 recently organized by GD Goenka Public School Lucknow on Saturday. Indian national trust of art and cultural heritage chief Jayant Krishna was the chief guest. The opening ceremony started by Performing Club by sing a song Ganesh Vandana. The visual imagery is a top-down approach with the built spaces arranged in stepped sequences, generating a campus with buildings growing from, out of and sinking into the terrain all the while relating powerful to the dictums of the site.

Every Goenkan is taught to take pride in our heritage and are made to realize that they are the ones who have to do their bit to conserve resources.  Awareness programmes are planned as a regular part of the curriculum to help them grow up to be responsible citizens. Through participation in Earth Day, Street plays, Cleanliness Drive, PlantationDrive, Nature Walk and many such activities students are able to imbibe the importance of having a strong commitment towards maintaining the environment. The students regularly participate in inheritance walks, marathons, cleanliness drives, to support the cause and create awareness. Visits to orphanages and old age homes are included in the school program.


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