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Spirit of Fun and Floric:

To acknowledge and celebrate the hard work to teachers, the students, and management of G.D Goenka Public school, Lucknow organized a fun bash at a city lounge, recently. Where everyone let themselves loose and danced to the tune. Many games were held in which all the staff members participated enthusiastically.

A Flip Ramp Walk wherein male teachers were made to attempt a catwalk was the highlight of the base. The winners of the round were Anuj and Deepa Pawar. Other games played were Longest Pencil flake, Cindrella, Moving the glass up and Book Balancing. The last game saw a tough competition between the chairman of the school Mr. Sarvesh Kumar Goel and other participants. Many titles like the Best dancer, Enthusiastic performer, Ms Pupenzel, Dancer in Highest Heels and more were given along with the awards. A special vote of thanks was proposed for teachers by the management.

Spirit of Fun and Florics)img


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