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Virtual Classes started:

Virtual classes started in GD Goenka Public School on Wednesday. On the first day, live sessions were organized for mathematics topics. In this, Catherine and James Clas explained the question of mathematics to the students through the projector. Abhimanyu Shrivastava, a student of class 8, said that these sessions helped to understand the topic. All the confusions were dispelled. School Chairman, Sarvesh Goyal told that MoU has been signed from the US Educational and Research Institute at Edinburgh for the Virtual Class.

The school has tied up with the US-based academic and research institution, Edinfinity. This institution is established by Sivaram Grover, a former student of IIM and MIT Shivram Venkatsubramaniam, and former student of Howard and Stanford, and financed by the US National Science Foundation. Which is engaged in connecting teachers living outside the country with Indian teachers and students?

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