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WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2018 Goenkans do their bit by spreading this awareness through various means. Our WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2018 Top CBSE school GD Goenka Public School Lucknow is one of the greatest gifts that we have got from the creator. We must always remember that we do not own it but it has been given to us for our survival. Our ancestors have loaned this earth and its environment to us and we owe it to our children.
On 5 June, World Environment Day was observed in the campus. The day began with a special assembly which lay stress on the harmful effects of plastic. An oath was administered which spoke about how each one of us is responsible for our actions, and as responsible citizens, we should take our duties more seriously before claiming our rights.
Use of Biodegradable Plastic Bags, an initiative by Isha Foundation was also taken up by our students. They demonstrated how suffocated animals felt when they consume plastic bags which we leave behind irresponsibly. The children covered their faces with these bags for a minute and then narrated their experience. 

Keeping with the tradition of giving back nature, about 50 saplings were planted by the students in an around the campus. The students also made bags out of old T-Shirts. They not only enjoyed the activity but realized the importance and value of REUSE. These bags were then distributed among shoppers at a nearby supermarket. The public appreciated their initiative and some also inquired about how the bags were made.
Many children brought bird feeders as they understand that during the summer many birds die due to excessive heat and lack of water. These bird feeders were made out of waste materials.
Overall it was worth our while to spend a few moments thinking about our environment. The oath taken will reverberate in the minds of all and compel them to take small steps to better our environment and in the bargain save ourselves.

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