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CBSE 12th political science paper analysis:

CBSE 12th students in Lucknow said that they were satisfied with their political science question paper and are looking forward to scoring good marks.

Ankur, Ananya, and Swaraj all students of GD Goenka Public School said that they were contented with their performance and look forward to scoring well.

Aditya Vikram Singh said, “Questions were easy and most of them were direct.” Apra and Mehak found most of the questions which they practiced in class or the ones in the pre-board exams.

Yashmeet said, “Easy paper with some tricky cases which confused us.” Komal Sharma said, “The paper was very good. It finished well before time and I got time to revise also.” Ravi Verma said, “Paper was very good with straight forward questions and I could complete the paper in time. I expect to score good marks”.

Suhani Agrawal of GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow felt the paper was average in terms of difficulty though many students found a few questions tricky. “My preparation and practice were enough for today’s exam. I am sure I’ll score great marks,” said Bhavya Yadav of the same school.

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