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Cyber Security and Forensics Workshop:

A two-week workshop on ‘Cyber Security and Forensics’ for school students about safe internet practices began at GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow from May 16. Nitnem Singh Sodhi, trainer of hacking and forensics to police and intelligence agencies is conducting it.

The course is one of a kind initiative and is being organized for the first time in the city of Lucknow. Students got enrolled in large numbers for this course. On the first day of the informative workshop, students learned how to ensure cyber safety and security by practicing Safe Social Networking, Safe E-Mail Practices and Internet Safety, and Ethics.

The hackers use and use the information provided on the public platform and social networking websites such as Facebook for hacking. He suggested that it could be prevented by using Critical thinking and avoiding posting personal information on such networking sites.

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