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Goenkan Enjoy a Rainy Dance:

Goenkan enjoy a rainy dance on July 30. GD Goenka Public school, Lucknow organized a special rain dance for its students to celebrate the onset of monsoon. After months of oppressive heat and irritable conditions, monsoons come as a big boon to our lives. The day was organized especially for the pre-primary session to, introduce the tiny-tots to the monsoon seasons. The school’s playground and the swimming pools were decorated with bouncy balls and colorful umbrellas. The school had installed sprinkler to produce artificial rain. The children wore their swimming suits, danced and played games under the sprinkling showers. There were shouting and jumping with excitement.

With upbeat music and splashing of water, children danced happily, as if they have never seen the water before. The children in a jovial mode seemed to have a deep and abiding friendship with water. Not only the kids but all the teacher revived magnificent memories of their childhood. Subsequence to the rain dance, little Goenkan enjoyed their favorite snacks and at the end of the day, teachers gave them beautiful umbrellas which the student made as a takeaway. Grade 1 students loved to share their experiences of their favorite seasons by a JAM conducted in the class to help them associate better with the rain and the accessories used in the season.

Grade 2 student enhance their vocabulary by writing one word related to the rainy season. The teachers informed about the necessary precautions to be taken by them during the rainy seasons. As it is said that dancing in the rain brings out the child in you and when the tiny tot of the Nursery and Kindergarten classes were out in the rain, it was absolute euphoria for the onlookers. The entire Pre Primary could get the Mansoon photoshoot in the impeccable raindrop studded cloudy setup, some holding their kaleidoscopic miniature umbrellas while some adorning their rain covers and a million smile!

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