Panthalassa Hosts Women Empower Humanities 2019

Summer Programme-an Initiative By Panthalassa

GD Goenka Public school is hosting Women Empower Humanities (WEH) 2019, a summer program-an initiative
by Panthalassa, a non-profit organization and Denison University, Ohio USA.

During the inaugural session on Sunday, information concerning liberal arts education and career opportunities
available for students from humanities background was given by various speakers, including ProfGarrett Jacobsen, an
associate professor of Classical Studies and Chair of the Classical Studies department of Denison University.

Mrinalini Mitra, the CEO of Panthalassa said the program was important because “women’s creativity is very powerful but often an underestimated force.” Mitra is currently a founder scholar at Denison University, a liberal arts college in Ohio, USA.

This is the first time that a foreign university from the USA is collaborating with an Indian non-profit organization to provide a summer program for the students of various schools located in Lucknow.


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