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Self Defense Workshop at GD Goenka:

Daughter morale increase after Self Defense Workshop training recently organised at GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow. This Workshop of self-defense under the Mission Aparajita 100 million Smile campaign, by Amar Ujala.

This workshop organized in collaboration with Vodafone Sakhi, girl students practice in groups. All of them have also vowed to motivate the people for self-reliance and motivate them to vote. She also explained how girls can defend themselves by attacking anyone.

GD Goenka Principal Raveen Pande said, ”  After an hour-long training for the students, there was a lot of enthusiasm for self-defense in the girls, but they had the power of great power. Girls need education on all sides. How to protect yourself with ethics and ethics and body fit with books should also give education to girls. This kind of training workshop should be there.”

Aparajita 100 million smiles. The campaign is to create a common platform for our dignity. Under this, there will be an attempt to create an environment in which everybody should be forced to think that a safe society is the right of every child and every woman. The negative atmosphere is a challenge for us. Amar Ujala has taken the responsibility of breaking this inertia, but the biggest need is for community building ie community building.


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