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GD Goenka Public Lucknow- Fortune News

At GD Goenka Public School , Lucknow the mission is four pronged- to provide top-notch holistic education; to facilitate a nurturing and safe environment that encourages life long learning and personal growth; to enable students to discover their talents and capabilities and to encourage citizenship and responsibility and teach generosity of spirit.

A school where children can avail value based education with innovative ideas, where they can grow into aesthetically rich, intellectually aware and integrated young individuals, raring to pursue their dreams and to become world leaders. In a short span of five years, the School has made a remarkable impact on the present education structure of the city and has become a name synonymous with quality education and value-based education.

As safety and security of a student is given utmost importance, the School Management has already initiated various steps from the beginning to ensure that student-friendly environment prevails in the campus, such as Security guards from the best security agency in the city are employed for all corners of campus with modern safety and communication equipment.

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