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‘Earth Day’ Commemorated at GD Goenka Public School Lucknow:-

Earth Day promotes international awareness of environmental protection and Earth conservation. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach our children about important concepts, such as going green while using 3R, reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Our little Goenkans, celebrated Earth Day on Monday, 22nd April,2024 with great creativity and enthusiasm. The day began with a special assembly, which was conducted by Grade 1, and a special dance performance was done by the children. The children highlighted the points on how to save our Earth.

Students of Toddlers and Nursery made the Earth by upcycling an old CD and pasting green and blue play dough on it. LKG students did a number worksheet related to Earth. UKG children made a pen holder with an old plastic bottle and the teacher taught them about 3R through this activity.UKG children used their pen holders in the class for their stationery items. Grade I children made bird feeders. This activity helped children to experience nature and allowed observing the wonders of nature. Grade II children did an addition activity on Earth pictures.

Children learned about the importance of conserving the resources and environment on Earth. They learned about water and electricity conservation. Children went for a nature walk and understood how the earth is important for everyone. During the walk, they also raised slogans like, ‘Save Earth-Save Lives’.

The little Goenkans promised to take care of plants and clean their surroundings and protect their mother ‘Earth’.

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