Road Safety Awareness session for Goenkan

Road Safety Awareness session)img

Road Safety Awareness Session:

To inculcate road safety awareness session among kids, IPS officer Dr. Iraj Raza interacted with students of GD Goenka Public School in Mahanagar here on Tuesday. He said the student, who learns about traffic rules and road discipline early in life, would grow up to be a law-abiding citizen. The habit of obeying traffic rules develops a sense of responsibility, empathy, and respect for others in a person, he added. The road safety education organized by the school authorities from time to time is aimed at making the students aware of the traffic rules. Dr. Raza urged the students to be law abiding citizens. In conversation with the school’s chairman, Sarvesh Goel, Dr. Iraj appreciated the school management’s efforts in adopting safe transportation methods for its students.

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