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Spreading Happiness on the Campus:

Principal-speak: Increasing the happiness quotient among students is part of the healthy learning environment, which is a basic necessity to promote not only holistic learning but also to prepare children for challenges after school.

Spreading happiness on the campus inclusion of a chapter on ‘Happiness‘ in the school curriculum is slowly gaining ground with many schools in Lucknow already in the process of introducing a lesson on the importance of ‘Staying Happy’.

Academicians are of the view that it is the ‘happy people‘ who are more productive and that ‘happiness’ is an important key in the educational system.

Speaking at a panel discussion in Hindustan Times office in Lucknow. Many principals of renowned schools happily announced that they had introduced or were about to introduce ‘happiness’ as a subject in Secondary Schools from this academic session or from the following one. They were unanimous while saying that the school environment should be conducive to the evaluation of a Happy Child.

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