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Vision To Give Education A New Definition:

Vision To Give Education A New Definition, A young entrepreneur became an inspiring businessman having exposure in diversified businesses ranging from agriculture, processing, trading of building materials, hotel, and education.

Interaction with Mr. Sarvesh Goel

One dream you have for the education system in India?

Education is the primary right of every child. And thus all the children of the country should have access to standardized quality education imparted by superior mentors along with the basic infrastructural needs.

How did the idea of opening a school come to your mind?

The idea to start an educational institute struck me when I visited several schools for my child’s education in the city and compared them with the best ones in the country. I realized that there was dire need of bringing in quality education and advanced infrastructure together. G.D. Public School, Lucknow thus established is one of the prominent names in the country for its world class academic and infrastructural excellence.

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