CBSE Board Class XII Physics Exam 2023

CBSE Board Class XII Physics Exam 2023 img

CBSE Board Class XII Physics Exam 2023:-

CBSE Board Class XII Physics Exam 2023. What students said after Class XII Physics Paper. CBSE Class 12th physics exam was held today, March 6, 2023. Anubha found the paper moderate, section C was lengthy but she was able to complete it on time. All the Goenkans were relieved that they had done justice to the paper.

Pranav Shandilya of Lucknow Public School South City said overall it was a balanced paper and more or less based on the concept application of the theory. There were a number of numerical which also required deep thinking.

Abhinav Pandey of class 12 (LPS, South City) said, “Paper was moderate, few questions were directly formula based. A case study was a bit difficult and a question of 5 marks was from the chapter EMI which was a little unexpected. If your concepts are clear then it’s an easy-moderate paper as there are not a lot of numerical.”

Adarsh Mishra of LPS, South city said “Overall the paper was average with only 2 or 3 tough questions and more on the theoretical side.”

Gyanendra Bajpai, Physics teacher, LPS, South city said, “Paper was designed as per the sample paper provided by CBSE Board. The paper was moderate and the range of questions were from straightforward to tricky.”

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