Saundarya Nair’s Remarkable Achievement

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Saundarya Nair’s Remarkable Achievement:-

The Cutting Edge!


GD Goenka Student Saundarya Nair’s Remarkable Achievement, Yet another Goenkan has made the fraternity proud with her efforts. Saundarya Nair, a student of Class X A, participated in the ‘Young Researchers for Social Impact’ programme anchored by Harvard and Oxford Alumni. This program builds critical thinking and problem-solving skills by engaging talented high schoolers in live research projects with partner NGOs. This selection ensures a month’s programme which introduces these young minds to cutting-edge problems in society and mentors them to work with NGOs.


The whole programme is run by alumni from Harvard and Oxford who guide the students. It is a meticulous selection that checks many aspects of the applicant’s personality. Candidates are carefully selected, trained, and mentored to produce solutions for projects concerning contemporary issues in fields such as environment, gender ratio, education, global health, governance, etc.


Founded in 2016, Young Leaders for Active Change (YLAC) aims to increase the participation of young people in policymaking, by equipping them with a better understanding of the society they live in and the challenges it confronts.


The entire Goenkan fraternity wishes the best for her future endeavors. May she achieve Higher, Stronger, and Brighter goals.

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